Mr. Heidenbauer, Councillor of Commerce, on metal engineering:

creative + dynamic is our company motto, and more so our philosophy expressing all the benefits of one partner satisfying more than one need.

We’d like to share with you our extensive know-how in metal engineering and façade construction of all kinds. Our company is guided by principles and strategies which help us stay on track in our daily business

Mr. Alois Heidenbauer
Waltraud, Birgit, Alois and  Alois-Martin Heidenbauer

One of our principles is "Our customers are our partners". This principle shows that we do set very high goals. Besides our strategic company targets, it is the individual who is the center of all our efforts.A project completed, having that certain something, is exactly what will motivate an architect or a building owner to trust the HEIDENBAUER brand once again.

From the very first contact and initial talks to the finished building project we see to it that our partners and business associates feel at ease in these joint operations.

With more than 60 years of experience in this industry and a considerable number of long-standing staff our special know-how of steel and façade construction has repeatedly proved to be sound and reliable. We guarantee a smooth and trouble-free implementation of projects by applying the appropriate technology and professionally executing our undertakings on time.

Adherence to delivery dates and realizing a project at the shortest time possible are imperative to us. The same holds for grade 1 welding and quality assurance according to ISO 9001 and EN 729.

The name Heidenbauer will remain synonymous with excellent teams of experts and highly motivated staff in the future as well. We are in the front line, having read the signs of our times.

Our target groups are creative and dynamic planners and building owners with a taste for steel, aluminum and stainless steel constructions paired with glass as the design-forming element in our architecture.

The Group enjoys a long tradition and has been very well established in the Austrian and European markets for six decades. On top of that, we offer our support and know-how from project planning through to completion.

The Group has a planning department of its own. This means solutions to customer requirements and technical feasibility which are as fast and economic as possible.